Hong Kong Coronavirus disease. Interview│Government expert Xu Shuchang analyzes the epidemic day and night

After months of fighting the epidemic, experts patiently explained that it was a good medicine to appease the panic of the masses. Xu Shuchang, one of the four expert advisors of the Government's Anti-epidemic Steering Committee, has been participating in major meetings of Hong Kong and the World Health Organization since January. The people stayed at home to fight the epidemic, but Professor Xu kept on going and shuttled TV and radio programs to analyze the trend of the epidemic to the public.

When civilians have "anti-epidemic fatigue", Professor Xu also has little rest: "As long as there is an epidemic, there is no way to go to vacation." He, who has been playing Yongchun for 9 years, has been busy fighting the virus recently Can Yu Xiwu be more hostile to gaining fatality?

Hong Kong Coronavirus disease. Interview│Government expert Xu Shuchang analyzes the epidemic day and night

Xu Shuchang, a professor of respiratory system at the Chinese University of China, is one of the authority of infectious diseases. His record includes dealing with SARS, avian influenza, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and many new coronaviruses of this century. In 2003, SARS broke out in Ward 8A of Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin. Nursing care and patients fell. Xu Shuchang and the Weiyuan team survived the difficult years. Since then, he has been among the ranks of WHO's expert consultants, and is always on hand to "pulse" for epidemic infection control in different parts of the world. Yuan Guoyong, professor of microbiology at the University of Hong Kong, and Pei Weishi, professor of virology at the School of Public Health, School of Medicine Foreign "epidemic areas".

Day and night meetings continue to receive reporters' visits to Rue Street Disease 

Xu Shuchang has become accustomed to the urgent call of the World Health Organization. "Qu (WHO) is sometimes so anxious to inform you that Geneva is calling to send someone to Thailand to investigate. It will be notified on Friday and will gather in Bangkok on Monday." After the seafood market was ordered to be closed, "The market was officially closed on January 1 and the WHO kept calling conferences at night. I always participated." However, the epidemic rapidly deteriorated and many countries fell out of their way. "You can go to Geneva in early February A WHO meeting was held and it has been cancelled since then. "

He said that the WHO is currently using video conferences, which are open for 3 to 4 nights a week, and two to three hours a day. His work schedule also includes three out-of-week clinics, rotation patrols, and Zoom to teach medical students. He has not yet calculated the frequency of interviews with major media. Xu Shuchang patiently answered questions from the media, interviewed at least 5 or 6 times a day. On weekdays, reporters are like "street disease". Professor Xu will jokingly remind the reporters of the call, "You have a TV station and a newspaper expert in front of you. You may have to wait half an hour."

The doctor was able to On Call for 36 hours and survived day and night. When asked whether he would have a holiday after the advent of the new type of pneumonia, Xu Shuchang smiled softly: "If there is an epidemic, there is no way to stop going on holiday." However, he can still sleep for more than 6 hours a day, sometimes even more Before the WHO meeting, squeeze out some time to return to my mother's house for dinner.

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The starting point of 35 years of practicing medicine

Xu Shuchang is currently a lecture professor, but he was born in a non-wealthy family, but grew up in a housing estate. He lives in Rainbow Village with his parents, elder brother, elder sister, and elder brother. In 1978, it was a turning point in his life. After completing the examination in that year, he was studying S6 in St. Paul ’s College. It happened that from 1974 to 1979, the Australian government subsidized Asian students to go to Colombo Plan for free. He successfully obtained a scholarship and went to Australia for the 12th grade. He has been practicing medicine in 1985 for 5 years. Becoming a specialist in respiratory medicine is a matter of interest, but also because of the pain of seeing grandma's asthma attacks from time to time.

When he was a fledgling man, he followed the Australian sleep apnea breathing apparatus inventor as a teacher for several years, and then was promoted to a consultant doctor. However, because of his parents' old age, in 1998, he and his brother Xu Shuyuan who is currently a professor of electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Hong Kong returned to Hong Kong Take care of your parents.

A misstep contributed to playing Wing Chun

Xu Shuchang can be called a "master" in the medical world. He dabbled in new things 9 years ago, practiced Wing Chun, and followed Master Ye Chen's uncle, Master Chen.

He started to practice martial arts in 2011, mainly in 2010 because he fell heavily under the ground in the parking lot of Weiyuan. "Yellow rainstorm that day, the entire fourth staircase flew up. The left foot fell to the ground and turned inwards, breaking three ligaments. It took me a year and a half to recuperate before going on the road. At that time, it was better to study hard and improve the balance. "Lin Bingen, the former director of the Department of Health, introduced him to study Wing Chun.

However, due to the epidemic situation, the meeting has been packed up. Xu Shuchang used to play Wing Chun two nights a week, but now it has been reduced to one. He said that if the epidemic situation improved in May, there were not many local cases and no community outbreaks, the government could reopen the recreational facilities and let the public have more places to exercise. Because the fitness room is closed, many clubs cannot go All the disadvantages are increasing. "He laughed and said that he has gained weight. As for the exact number, he responded with laughter:" I have no eyes. "


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