Curing lamp additive technology fundamentals and characteristics

Curing lamp additive technology fundamentals and characteristics

Curing Lamp Additive Technology hong kong loan is one of the additive technologies and is based on the concept of discrete variable deposition, using liquid photosensitive resins as the raw material for forming. First, the main bath is filled with the appropriate liquid photosensitive resin. A laser of special light wavelength is then operated by an electronic computer and scanned point by point along the content of the cross-sectional information obtained from the layered slicing. After a layer of cross-section has been dry-set, a cross-sectional lamination of the product is produced. At this point, the table is lowered by a further floor height to encourage the previously dry-set laminate layer to be covered by a new layer of photosensitive resin. Later, because of the high viscosity of the epoxy resin and the danger of the interfacial tension of the previously dried laminate, the newly coated photosensitive resin is in fact not neat and must be scraped flat with a special type of scraper to facilitate the drying of the next layer of scanner, so that the newly solidified layer is firmly bonded above the previous layer. Continuously above the process, the layers that are in the electronic computer manipulation of the successive deposition, and finally produce a perfect forming products, and then remove the support points, the corresponding post-processing process, you can get the required goods.

From the basic principles hashing24 cloud mining of uv curing lamp rapid prototyping technology and the information it uses, it seems that the key to uv curing lamp rapid prototyping technology has some of the following characteristics.
(1) uv curing lamp rapid prototyping technology is the earlier generation of rapid prototyping technology production and processing process, the largest life cycle, through the detection of time.
(2) forming rate is faster, the system software work in a more stable.
(3) can print out the specifications are also very large, there can be guaranteed 2m of heavy parts, about the post-processing especially coloring are very easy.
(4) The specifications are highly accurate and can guarantee μm grades.
(5) The quality of the surface layer is good, more suitable for small objects and more detailed parts.

The disadvantages of uv curing hashing24 cloud mining lamp rapid prototyping technology depend on.
(1) SLA machinery and equipment engineering costs are expensive, the application and maintenance costs are relatively high. SLA system software is to be used on liquid carry out high precision machinery and equipment, the environmental regulations are harsh.
(2) Formed parts are mostly epoxy resin type, the raw material is expensive, compressive strength, bending stiffness, temperature resistance is relatively limited, not conducive to long-term storage.
(3) These moulded products have very high requirements for the natural environment of storage, the ambient temperature is too high for melting and the operating temperature should not exceed HXTC. Formed parts are easy to absorb water swelling, corrosion-resistant work is weak.
(4) The support structure of the product workpiece must be designed to ensure that every structure position made during the whole process of forming can be reliably and accurately positioned, and the support point structure needs to be removed by hand when it is not completely solidified, which is very easy to destroy the formed part.

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