It’s not a good thing to have cockroaches in your home. Don’t rush to kill one first

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For those who have cockroaches in their home, getting rid of them can be very troublesome because this pest is very annoying. Many households cannot completely eliminate cockroaches for a long pest control spray for homes Compared with other pests, cockroaches are not easy to kill, mainly because they are too fertile and difficult to catch. In addition, they carry a large number of bacteria and viruses, so people dare not touch them directly with their hands, especially the surrounding food. They cannot be infected and can only let them run around.

Some say that when the first cockroach appears in your home, you will soon start to see more and more cockroaches. This is because this pest reproduces very quickly. Therefore, if you shoot a cockroach after seeing it,kitchen cockroach killer you'd better try to burn it or treat it with high temperature, because its body may breed many small cockroaches, and you should dispose of the dead cockroach as soon as possible after you find it in your home. . Cockroaches like to stay in dark and humid environments, and they are accustomed to living in corners. Of course, there will be a lot of cockroaches in the kitchen with a lot of food, so when cockroaches are found in the home, they need to do the following things.

Prepare moisture-proof agent. It is difficult to prevent a dark place in our home. After all, there are various social dark environments under various sofas. However, due to the analysis of damp environment,cockroach killer bait chinese it can be changed. Prepare a few packets of moisture-proof agent. Then throw them into various corners to absorb moisture. As long as these dark places are dry, it will naturally be detrimental to the survival of cockroaches.

When food is stored well, there is plenty of food in the house. For some grains that can be sealed in jars, place them all in airtight jars. Also place other grains in airtight containers when possible. Some fresh food is placed in the refrigerator, so that there is no food for the cockroaches to eat, which cuts off the cockroaches' diet. Of course, in addition to food and garbage, you must also know that cockroaches also like to eat food in the trash can, so put it in the trash can. Put the food in the trash can and throw it away promptly and do not leave it in the trash can.

When eating cockroach bait destroys the living environment of cockroaches and leaves no food for cockroaches, cockroaches need to eat more food. There are many cockroach baits available on the market that can attract cockroaches to eat. After eating cockroaches, you will be poisoned within a certain period of time. Putting out cockroach bait has no effect in a short period of time, or it cannot kill all the cockroaches. It may take a long time, it may take half a year or even longer. Because cockroach bait is poisonous, keeping pets at home is troublesome. Remember to choose a roach bait that is not toxic to pets or that pets will not come near. Children should also be told ahead of time not to touch this, let alone eat it.

disinfect. If there are cockroaches in your home, you need to disinfect the room. It is recommended to disinfect once or twice a day because it carries so many viruses, many of which can infect people. In addition, it moves over a large area and needs to be cleaned and disinfected. It is recommended to spray disinfectant evenly during disinfection.