How will vacuum cleaners develop in the future? Cordless vacuum cleaners appear

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Cordless has become synonymous with efficiency and convenience, especially in the vacuum cleaner industry.

Why are cordless vacuum cleaners so popular? The efficiency and convenience of wireless have replaced the fatigue and clumsiness of brooms and wired vacuum cleaners. Although we can effectively solve many clean development problems with the emergence of sweepers,wet dry stick vacuum the regional economy still needs to be solved by vacuum cleaners due to the ground passing above. The middle class has become The main force of consumption, more people also want to be liberated from the arduous task of floor cleaning.

1. The battery life continues to be extended, making it easier to clean the whole house.

There is no doubt about the convenience of wireless, but its battery life is a point of complaint among many users.wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home Working on battery life is also a good solution, which can better solve the pain points of use and impress consumers. In addition to the technical upgrades, an additional backup battery is attached and rotated.

2. Diversified usage scenarios and diversified functions

Cordless vacuum cleaners can easily go up to the ceiling, under the bed and into crevices. Due to the complexity of the home environment, in addition to floor cleaning, dust is also easily collected on mattresses, corners and bottoms of beds, gaps, ceilings and the surfaces of household appliances, so replaceable multi-suction vacuum cleaners are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The functions of a single car vacuum cleaner, mite remover and short handheld device in the past can now be completed with one machine, saving money and effort. Therefore, future cordless vacuum cleaners will replace car vacuum cleaners and mite removers with more suction heads.

3. The cleaning function is expanded from "suction" to "drag"

The development process of sweeping robots is from initial vacuuming to mopping, which conforms to the cleaning habit of sweeping first and then mopping. The same should be done for vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner adds the function of a mop and is no longer limited to a single vacuuming function, but more to help users in daily use.

4. Minimalistic and lightweight appearance design

Thin body, modern and simple design, and rich technical content are the current design directions of push rod and upright vacuum cleaners. The visual effect of a vacuum cleaner often becomes a key factor in whether consumers purchase it. In addition, the core component speed of the motor, dust and gas separation technology, product sealing effect, air duct design, filtration capacity of filter materials, etc. are directly related to the cleaning effect and long-term performance of the product.

In my opinion, the development of vacuum cleaners can be said to be a beautiful landscape. From the beginning of manual cleaning to horse-drawn vacuum cleaners to portable vacuum cleaners, their development potential has been explained. Maybe you disdain the earliest horse-drawn vacuum cleaners, but it is precisely because of previous practices that we have the convenient vacuum cleaner products we have now, and future vacuum cleaner products will continue to "advance." In the fierce competition in the vacuum cleaner market in the future, I believe that better products will enter thousands of households.