A New Chapter in China's Freight Transportation Market: Six Types of Pallets to Meet Diverse Transportation Needs


With the development of pallet standardization in China, the proportion of pallet transport in freight transport is rising.transportation calculation In order to meet the needs of different industries for cargo transportation, a variety of specialized pallets have appeared on the market. This article will introduce six different types of pallets and their characteristics.

1. Flat pallet:Market share of more than 80%.

Wooden flat pallet is the most common type of pallet data. Flat pallet development has a very wide range of applications research and the largest amount of use, is synonymous with the pallet. Classified according to different materials, flat pallet system can be divided into five types: traditional wood, steel, plastic, composite structural materials and paper. In China, wooden flat pallets account for the highest proportion, followed by our plastic flat pallets, and finally steel, composite construction materials and paper packaging pallets.

2.the column pallet:Suitable for stacking goods.

The basic economic structure of the column pallet is installed in the four corners of the flat pallet using steel columns. The upper end of the columns are connected by available a crossbeam to form a system frame type.Intra Asia Routes Column pallet management mainly includes for product packaging pieces, barrel goods, bars and tubes, etc. Collecting and loading, but also can be used as removable shelves, cargo space. Its main technical advantage is that it can be stacked high goods, the full development and utilization of two cargo boxes and warehouse volume.

3.Box pallet: can stack and protect goods

Box pallets have side panels on all sides, some boxes have top panels and some do not. There are three types of box boards: fixed, folding and removable. There are board, grid and mesh fencing around the perimeter. Box pallet protection ability, can prevent collapse and cargo damage; it can be loaded can not be stable stacking of shaped goods, a wide range of applications.

4.Wheeled pallet: easy to move short distances

Compared with the column pallet and box pallet, the lower part of the wheeled pallet has more small wheels. Therefore, the wheeled pallet has the advantages of short-distance movement, self-carrying or on the roll down the advantages of loading and unloading, a wide range of uses, applicability.

5. the skateboard for pallets: flat pallet alternatives

Skateboard pallet according to the material can be divided into two kinds of paper and plastic. Paper skateboard tray made of kraft paper, thickness of only about 1 mm, the structure is very simple, is a piece of paper folded edge. The skateboard pallet needs to be used with a forklift to push and pull. It is wood pallet, plastic pallet, paper pallet replacement.pallet transport cost It has the characteristics of light weight, small size and low cost. The plastic skateboard pallet of this invention has high resistance to moisture and tear resistance, greatly increasing its use of turnover times, relatively low cost.

6. Special pallets: customized products to meet the different needs of the industry.

In order to meet the needs of more and more industries on container transportation, some special transportation pallets were born. In order to improve transport efficiency and reduce damage, in the car bumper, door and other parts of the transportation, the production of some special transportation pallets. The classification is also the most complex of the six pallets.

Summarize:These six kinds of pallets have their own characteristics and are suitable for different areas. When choosing a pallet, you should choose the right type of pallet according to the characteristics of the goods and transportation needs.