Which water-based and oil-based insecticides are suitable for use?

Which water-based and oil-based insecticides are suitable for use?

When most people think of insecticide, the first product that comes to mind is insecticide. VITFE insect killer supplier Because it is easy to use, it can kill a variety of pests, and some drugs have multiple effects. When you spray insecticide, it kills the pests. It works really well.

But with hundreds of insecticides on the market, combined with integrated pest control, SLEEP COOL insect killer manufacturer targeting specific pests, as well as water-based and oil-based insecticides, the composition of pesticides is different, how can you choose the better one?

What are the common pesticides? What's the difference between insecticide ingredients?

There are many kinds of pesticides on the market, there are powder, liquid agent, oil agent, Chinese EASY ON Spray starch water vapor smoke agent, the composition of these products, the main problem is "organophosphorus insecticides" or "artificial intelligence synthetic pyrethrin" composition.

Pesticide ingredient 1: organophosphorus chemical insecticides

It can mainly produce neurotoxicity, and the pests will be excited, paralyzed and poisoned to death after contact. This component is easy to decompose in the environment and is not easy to cause environmental damage.

Insecticide Ingredient 2: Synthetic pyrethrum extract

The synthetic insecticide ingredient, which mimics the molecular structure of natural pyrethroids, falls into this category. It is also the main environmental pesticide component, which has the effect of stunning pests. Natural insecticides are not only effective, but also have low toxicity to humans and animals.

When should water-based and oil-based pesticides be used?

After explaining the ingredients of pesticides, we will introduce the common types of pesticides. Many pesticides are based on liquids and oils, which are mainly divided into two types, namely water-based pesticides and oil-based pesticides.

1 Water-based insecticides: indoor, has the effect of comprehensive pest control

It is recommended to use water-based liquid insecticides indoors, especially in indoor corners, doors and Windows, screens, and drainage holes. Residual insecticides prevent pests from crawling in and dying when exposed to the chemicals.

2 Oil-based insecticide: suitable for outdoor, not easily affected by rain

Compared with water-based insecticides, the residual effect of oil-based insecticides is better, because liquid insecticides are oil-based and are not easily affected by outdoor environment or rain, so we will recommend that you use it outdoors, such as balconies, doors, corridors, outdoors, courtyards and other places.