How to repair excel spreadsheet file corruption


Excel is a popular spreadsheet program that offers a wide range of features for creating,convert word to pdf with embedded excel files editing and storing data. This application is very useful in both personal and workplace. However, due to some unavoidable factors, Excel sheet files may get corrupted, which may result in inability to open the file and loss of data. This article describes some of the ways to repair Excel sheet file corruption.

Method 1:Repair the file with the tools that come with Office.

Office comes with a number of methods that have inbuilt tools that can be used to repair Excel file corruption with help.jpg to pdf converter and combine Here are the steps:

1. Open Excel and select the File menu, select Open and browse to the file to be repaired.

2. In the Open dialog box, click the drop-down menu and select the Open and Repair option. 3.

3. Select the Repair Only option, wait for the repair to complete, and then click Save to save the repaired file.

Please note that this method may not be able to resolve all the issues with the Excel file and the data may have been lost. Therefore, it is recommended to backup the file before trying this method.

Method 2: Open system corrupt data file using Excel

Another method to repair corrupt Excel file is to use Excel to help the user to open and view the Excel file. The method is as follows.

1. Select the File menu from the main Excel interface.

2.Browse and select the file that needs to be repaired

3. Excel will attempt to open the file and allow you to view the data.

4. If Excel can open a file through a successful business, select the Save As option in the File menu to save the file data as a new file.

Please note that this method can only successfully repair an Excel file if its format is not severely damaged.word to pdf converter online free i love pdf If the data is lost, it cannot be recovered.

Method 3: Repair the file using third-party tools

When the traditional repair methods fail to fix the corruption in the Excel file, you can try using a third-party document repair tool. Here we take the example of directly lost and easily available document repair software to illustrate how to perform corruption repair on Excel sheet file.