The correct choice of konjac sponge use management methods and precautions

Konjac cleanser1, konjac cleansing puff foaming effect produces bad, hit out of the foam on the face is gone?

1. Konjac cleanser can not be fully extruded after full foaming. In the case of full absorption of water, most of the facial cleanser or bath products on the market need enough water to foam, cellulose sponge manufacturerdry rub is not foam.

2. Add konjac cleanser cleansing or bathing products. wholesale Konjac spongeGently apply both hands to the surface of the cleanser. Do not make a fist with one hand. Konjac cleanser has tiny pores, gently rub out the tiny micro-bubbles, more conducive to deep cleaning; konjac cleaning foam has a strong adsorption, rubbing and squeezing hard, or rubbing the foam back into the deep cleaning foam to reduce the amount of foam, not conducive to self-cleaning flutter; natural luffa spongein order to rub out a large number of bubbles to increase the amount of cleaning products or bathing products, will cause waste.

3. Konjac face wash is absorbent and can suck away excess oil and dirt from the skin. The foam on the face will be absorbed into the inside of the cleanser along with the removed oil and dirt, so there will not be a large amount of foam attached to the surface of the skin when cleansing.

2, konjac facial cleansing puff itself to carry out cleaning difficult, do not know how to count yourself clean?

1. Konjac facial cleanser without any cleansing or bathing products, only with water for the first time, through the water extrusion, that is, there are a small amount of foam, there is a certain gelatinous viscosity, slightly cloudy, this is the release of moisturizing factors - glucan in the release process, so that people have a "dirty" illusion, but this is a normal phenomenon.

2. Cleansing and bathing products to be taken in moderation. Konjac cleansing milk fine pores, with facial cleansing milk or bath products gently coated and rubbed to produce small micro-bubbles, so do not pursue the amount of foam and excessive use of facial cleansing milk or bath products, so as not to add water to the foam more and more, it is difficult to clean.

3, to ensure the use of konjac soft Q bomb cleaner comfort, so with konjac cleaner is a certain thickness, need to use running water one-way cleaning. For example: hemispherical, rinse with water, extruded from both sides, so that the water mixed with foam oil, out of the arc. Both sides back and forth exchange rinsing, the middle layer of foam always stay in the middle, it is difficult to clean.

3. konjac cleanser dry after use, and then soak again is not soft, soak for a long time? U002 second fusion, not soft, uncomfortable, friction?

1, konjac cleansing puff for the first time for use we have to use water to soak for 3 minutes, again through the use of the need to soak for 1 minute; need to students can be used every day, a long time not to be used, konjac cleansing puff of the plant as well as the surface of the fiber cells will be adhered to some residual oil, cleansing / bathing culture products, the air in the impurities, together with the natural air-drying congealed into clumps, it will reduce the absorbent power of our konjac cleansing puff.

Fiber plant growth time depends on the season. Higher temperatures in summer, konjac facial cleansing blow dry faster, but the tap water temperature is higher, daily use can be used directly to soak in tap water for 30 seconds - 1 minute, kneading to assist absorption can be restored to the soft winter dry and cold, konjac facial cleansing floss drying slowly, but the cold water soaking hair drying slowly, it is recommended that the use of lukewarm water to soak the hair for 1-2 minutes and the need to use lukewarm water will konjac facial cleansing floss to wash thoroughly, after the soft to restore the use of The konjac cleansing floss

3, konjac cleanser foaming is a process, you need to fully foam the hair, and so completely soft before use.

Konjac cleanser with lanyard, will affect the sense of use?

1. The lanyard facilitates the storage of the konjac cleansing robot, which is conducive to all-round ventilation and air exchange, and ensures the service life of the konjac cleansing robot.

2. In the process of using management, you can put the lanyard on your hand to avoid contact with your skin.

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