2024 must-have personalized wax stamp

One set of NUOBESTY vintage-themed postage stamps Charming Style Stamps Stamp Design Kit Wax Beads for DIY Sealing Stamps Handmade Sealer Wax Decoration for Scrapbook Gift Letter Metal Sunflower

Price: $14.99

Stamp for scrapbooks: Your friends who enjoy do-it-yourself projects would be delighted to receive this imaginative seal as a gift.

Gorgeous decoration: The stamp head's lovely pattern can lend an air of refinement to the retro wax stamp kit.

Wax seals are frequently used for stationery, crafts, gifts, packaging, everyday necessities, creative gifts, invitations, and more.

Convenient and useful wax sealing stamper set that comes with a stamp handle, stamp head, sealing wax granules, and other items.

Crafty and elegant, the DIY seal stamper is perfect for a variety of occasions, including birthday parties and weddings.

1pc Paint Stove Glass Shades for Wall Lights Wax Warmer DIY Stove Wax Melting Furnace Red Candles Wax Seal Spoon Holder Wax Sealing Stamp Braces Kit Portable Crafts Wood

Price: $9.89

Wax envelope seal stamp kit: a choice as a birthday and holiday gift for your DIY friends or family.

Spool winders for sewing: the hollow part at the bottom can be put into a small candle, the perfect DIY tool.

Wax melting spoon: the europe retro design shape is specially designed for literary and artistic people.

Sealing stamp wax furnace: stove is made of wood, which is safe and durable to use.

Wax seal stamp kit: it is very good whether it is used by yourself or as a gift.

CRASPIRE Lighthouse Wax Seal Stamps Brass Sealing Stamp Heads Replacement 30mm with Vintage Wooden Handle for Envelopes Letter Invitations Card DIY Craft Wedding Birthday Holiday Decor

Price: $8.49

[REMOVABLE WAX SEAL STAMP]: 1pc x wax sealing stamp, 1pc x wooden handle.

Easy to change and install, slightly rotate the brass head is ok.

Use it to tie in with all kinds of 30mm diameter stamps that with different patterns freely to make any themes you want.

[BRASS WAS SEAL STAMP]: Brass sealing head and wood handle, smooth and shiny, non-stick, easy to clean, rustproof and retro, in a classic style, engraving is deep, leaves a clean and beautiful imprint.

[30MM SEALING STAMP HEADS]: Seals diameter 1.18inch(30mm), wooden handle height: 3.5inch(8.9cm).

[LIGHTHOUSE CLOUD WAX STAMP]: Stamp it with hot wax onto an envelope paper, when the wax solidified, it made beautiful designs of lighthouse.

[WIDELY USEAGE]: The wax seal stamp can avoid opening for important documents and private information.

And also suitable for wedding, invitations, envelopes, cards, crafts, wine packaging, thanksgiving christmas halloween gift wrap and other craft project, unique and vintage retro classic gifts for friends or self-collection.

Replacement Stamp Handle for Wax Seal Golden Handle Metal Wedding Sealing Wax Stamp Handles Handles for DIY Accessory

Price: $8.29
wood brand stamp


?With its stylish and vibrant color design, this stamp handle fits the majority of stamps and seal heads.

You can create a personalized and distinctive wax seal for all of your letters, invitations, and other paper crafts by using this stamp handle with our assortment of interchangeable wax seal stamp heads.


?Your everyday life will be more convenient with this simple to install and replace DIY project.

It works well for a lot of things, like correspondence, scrapbooking, and wedding invitations.


?You can quickly create a variety of designs by simply removing and replacing the stamp head.

You just need to slide your favorite wax seal stamp head into the handle and make sure it fits snugly before continuing.


?Long-term use is supported by stable material that can be expertly crafted and polished.

It is comfortable to hold and has a smooth, barb-free surface for the optimal experience.


?To give your stamp a new look, use them to replace any worn-out or damaged handles.

The handle adds flair and distinction to your crafts with its elegant and modern design.

CRASPIRE 2-piece Wax Seal Stamp Set in Two Styles Brass Sealing Stamp Heads with the Initial M Alphabet, measuring 25 mm and detachable, featuring a single antique wooden handle for wedding and birthday invites. DIY Kits for Envelopes Cards

Price: $6.59

Two wax sealing stamps (two styles), one wooden handle, and one velvet pouch are included in this package (two pieces).

Velvet bag for convenient storage; two styles to accommodate several preferences.

[BRASS WAS SEAL STAMP]: The wood handle and sealing head are made of brass, which is shiny, smooth, non-stick, easy to clean, rustproof, and classic in style.

The engraving is deep and leaves a clear, lovely impression.

Seals diameter: 0.98 in (25 mm), wooden handle: 3.09 x 0.87 in (7.84 x 2.2 cm), pouch: 4.72 x 3.94 in (12 x 10 cm).

[REMOVABLE WAX SEAL HEAD]: The brass head can be slightly rotated, which makes it simple to replace and install.

It can be tied in with a variety of 25 mm stamps with various patterns to create any themes you desire.

[WIDE USEAGE]: The M seal stamp on letters can prevent private information and important documents from being opened.

Additionally appropriate for weddings, invitations, cards, envelopes, crafts, wine packaging, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, gift wrap, and other craft projects; additionally suitable for one's own collection or as unique and retro-classic gifts for friends.

CRASPIRE Heart Wax Seal Stamp: A Vintage Removable Brass Head Wood Handle Sealing Wax Stamp with a Love Heart 25mm for Wedding, Valentine's Day, and Birthday Envelopes Packing Gifts Homemade Scrapbooking

Price: $6.49

Heart Wax Seal Stamp: This stamp features a heart-shaped design with a clear carving and vibrant image.

It can be printed on envelope paper using hot wax, and when you add some lovely dried flowers, it creates a truly unique seal.

Measurements: 1 wood handle and 1 round brass seal head.

The dimensions of the seal head are 0.98 inches (25 mm), 3.54 inches (90 mm) overall, and 2.95 inches (75 mm) long at the handle.

Golden color.

Brass Wax Stamp: The wooden handle of this strong, long-lasting stamp is smooth and free of burrs, while the clear seal marks on its smooth, shiny brass seal head prevent rust and fading over time.

Simple Removal and Installation: The brass sealing head is simple to remove and install.

It can be installed with different copper heads with different patterns to create a variety of stamp patterns, and it is acceptable to rotate the head slightly.

Uses: This wax seal stamp can be used to decorate and adorn envelopes, wedding invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other things.

a distinctive present for birthdays, anniversaries, teacher's days, graduations, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, and theme parties.

ten pieces of boxed wax seal stamps with a random pattern and a detachable round seal stamp head for scrapbooking, gift wrapping, envelope sealing, party invitations, and other DIY arts and crafts supplies

Price: $7.90

✪WAX SEAL STAMP STAR SIZE: Ten 25 mm/0.98 inch random pattern wax seal stamp heads are included in the package.

(Wax not included) ✪STAR WAX SEAL STAMP MATERIAL: Lovely stamps, excellent craftsmanship, polished and glossy, non-stick and easily cleanable, nice and clear image, with the fine details showing through nicely ✦REMOVABLE SEAL HEAD: Sealing stamp heads alone are simple to replace and install; a small rotation of the head is acceptable.

Every seal stamp head in our store is compatible with the handle.

✔VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Sealing wax stamp heads can be used to decorate and embellish envelopes, invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other items.

A one-of-a-kind present for graduation, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Easter, Teacher's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and theme parties.

Lurrose 4 pieces of Easter stamps with envelope heads Tiny stamp for do-it-yourself wax stamp Retro Metal Stamp Metal Stamping Head Letter Stamp Head Vintage Stamp Heads Seal Brass Ornamentation

Price: $20.59

A great option to make your own homemade cards and letters is with an Easter wax seal, which will surprise your friends.

The retro wax seal stamp is a great way to decorate and adorn envelopes, invitations, wine packages, and other items.

Easter seal stamp: easily replace and install the detachable brass seal head.

The seal head is shiny, non-stick, and smooth.

Long-lasting decorative little wax seal with a smooth, vintage-styled retro pattern that is difficult to wear.

Easter stamp head: Your friends who enjoy do-it-yourself crafts will be overjoyed when you present them with this imaginative seal.

Wedding invitation decor, envelope seals, DIY crafts (olive branch), WASOHLING 200 pieces octagon sealing wax beads, wax seal stamp kits, and two pieces wax seal pens

Price: $12.98

PACKAGE DESCRIPTION: 1 wax seal stamp, 200 pieces of sealing wax beads (10 colors), 1 wax seal melting spoon, 2 candles, and 2 wax seal pens.

90mm (3.54") is the total length of the stamp; the seal head diameter is 25mm (1.18").

WAX MATERIAL FOR SEAL STAMP: Constructed from a wooden wax stamp handle and a brass seal stamp head, the sealing stamp head is smooth, shiny, and non-stick.

It is also easily reusable.

Stamp head is detachable and simple to replace or install.

Ten distinct color wax seal beads are included in this set (pine green, dark purple, wine red, ice blue, gold, antique bronze, light blue, gentle pink, vanilla green, lilac purple, and pearl white).

You can mix and match the colors to create custom wax seals.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: It can be used to adorn wine bottles, scrapbooks, wedding and party invitations, greeting cards, Christmas cards, envelopes, and letters.

Not only does it safeguard private information, but it can also be used to seal documents.

SMOOTH TO USE: Melt two or three wax seal beads; pour the melted wax onto the object to be sealed; stamp your seal on the melted sealing wax; and remove the seal stamp when the wax has cooled fully.

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