What's wrong with "acting"? Generally both reasons are well addressed

What's wrong with "acting"? Generally both reasons are well addressed

When you reach a certain age, you will realize that a harmonious sex life is not only conducive to your physical and mental development, but also an important fulcrum of a happy marriage. If the young people just married, most of the sex life is harmonious, and generally in the marriage to a certain boring period, both sides of life or lack of freshness, sex life does not seem particularly pleasant, why "do" is always unpleasant? Do you know?

Reason 1: lack of experience

First of all, for adults, especially after sexual intercourse, sex life has begun to demand. If it is the beginning of sexual life,female clit stimulator must spend enough time to grind. Many young couples or lovers are not very happy at first. This is not just a result of traditional attitudes and psychological difficulties, there is a lot to learn and so is sexual behavior. Writing is not shameful but a necessity for a person with normal desires, so it is important for young people to face this issue with the right attitude.

Reason 2: Lack of a freshness and energy

Secondly, for people who are already having and wanting sex, the problem is more of a small but big one that they are too busy with their lives and don't have the energy to unleash their desires or there is a lack of freshness in both sexes. For adult men, sexual desire fades with age, but for women, the opposite is true - the two are in different states,vibrating egg for women and if they don't communicate well or find ways to adjust in time, they can jeopardize a happy life.

Whether it is young men and women, or long-term together as a couple, in the whole process of "doing things",clitoral suction stimulator especially need to do a good job of personal hygiene and private parts of certain protective measures. During sexual intercourse, both partners need to cooperate with each other, rather than working unilaterally. Good communication and dialog about sexual behavior is also essential. You must let each other know your preferences so that you can fully understand each other. Satisfaction can be achieved through mutual cooperation.

In general, there are three taboos in "doing".

First, don't be ashamed to think about it, it's a normal biological need;

Secondly, don't ignore each other's feelings just because the business lacks a fresh one;

Third, do not understand it as something that can be obtained through unilateral efforts, but must communicate and cooperate with each other. The key to unpleasantness is in the details. It is important to understand these three taboos so that sex can be pleasurable.