About the basic techniques and modalities of massage


Massage includes massage, massaging, kneading, rolling and dialing.hotel outcall massage Pushing means pushing with the hands, forcefully but not stagnantly; holding the wrist with the mouth of a tiger, relaxing but not pinching; kneading with the hands or forearms, forcefully but not stiffly; rolling with the hands and forearms, but with the forearms predominating; and dialing is done with the fingers or elbows. These are basic techniques.

The part of our body that gets most tired is usually the shoulders and neck, which can be massaged while sitting. The first step is to relax the body. The most common methods of relaxation are pressing and kneading. First, relax the shoulders. We can combine grasping and kneading by holding the upper arm in the tiger's mouth for grip, then pressing the shoulder with the palm of the hand for kneading. When the shoulders are relaxed, we can separate the left shoulder from the right by poking the muscles with our thumbs. After poking for a period of time, it is important to relax the shoulders again so that they do not become too stiff and cause discomfort. nuru massage hong kong As the saying goes, "Give a sweet date and a stick." Next, let's explain the neck massage method. We need to pinch and knead the neck with four fingers and do it on both sides. After that, you can act, either by pinching the neck with the tiger's mouth, or with ten palms of both hands. Then the action of pivoting, also on both sides, from the outside to the inside and from the top to the bottom. Relax the neck again after pulling.

I would like to share here that for those who are often sedentary at work or play mahjong, their shoulders and neck can become very stiff and need to be more careful and slow when massaging. This is also important to keep in mind when massaging the family.