PDF with what to open? Can write directly on top of the document?

PDF format

With the rapid development of electronic products, electronic documents gradually replace paper documents. Especially in this year's special circumstances, the submission of a lot of information has been changed to upload electronic documents in PDF format. So, what software should we use to open PDF files? And how to fill in the PDF document?

In fact, there are a variety of ways to open PDF files. First of all, we can use the browser to preview the web page online.merge pdf rearrange pages Secondly, some office software can also open PDF files. Of course, the most professional way is to use a specialized PDF reader to open. Simply right-click on any PDF document and choose a way to open it.

Although there are a variety of ways to open PDF files, but if we need to fill in PDF documents, that is, the commonly used annotation function, you can only use a PDF reader. The following will detail how to add annotations in PDF documents in the steps.

First of all, open the document you need to fill in, you will see a row above the toolbar, you can rotate, view, print and other simple operations. Next, click on the upper left corner of the "Annotate" button, you can quickly enter the annotation mode. At this time, you can choose any tool in the toolbar to mark the corresponding.

For example, we now need to fill out an entry data, the main use of "writing" this annotation tool. First of all, select the toolbar in the writing tool, and then fill in the PDF page where the need to click the left mouse button, there will be a text box. Directly in the text box to enter text; if you need to adjust the position, you can drag the text box.

After selecting the text part, you can modify the font, font size and color through the panel in the upper left corner. If you fill in the error, you can use the toolbar "eraser" tool to clear the current annotation. Alternatively, you can right-click on the annotation and select Delete Annotation.

Finally, fill in the completed click on the upper left corner of the "Save" button to complete the operation.