Selection of silicone molds for the production of plastic prototypes

Selection of silicone molds for the production of plastic prototypes
This article explains how you can East Rail Line Extension move from master mold manufacturing to mold production and component injection molding based on the progressive labeling method. Prototype manufacturing has been occurring for many years, but by adding the word "rapid" to this word, a new field has been created - "rapid prototype manufacturing". ".

Along with the increasing competition property management software in the world economic market, it is inevitable that the process of adding the method of processing is also its development trend. Today's original form production and manufacturing process has chosen an inexpensive and cost-effective production and manufacturing method , that is, the choice of silicone rubber mold casting urethane plastic parts. Today's urethane plastic and its mold production technology in the past two years gradually, for the original form of production and manufacturing to lay the foundation. In this article, we will give a simple and detailed description of the technology now in use. This technology uses a 5-step copy process to cast high quality urethane plastic parts using silicone rubber molds.
Creating the master mold

The first step in the copying prototype plastic parts process is the creation of a master mold. In the past, master molds were made in clay, wood or plastic solid model production shops. Today, we have the option of adding Rapid Prototyping (RP) technology to assist in the creation of masters. This technology includes three-dimensional offset printing technology, selective laser calcination technology with 3D system software, Stratasys weld stacking design technology, PolyJet technology using object geometry shapes, 3DP technology from Z Enterprises, and CNC lathes for the production of master molds.

In the construction of the master mold, in addition to the necessary conditions for the use of the CNC lathe, the rapid prototyping technology also uses a lamination production process technology. In order to ensure the quality of the polyurethane material plastic parts, in most cases, the part has to be further processed in depth. Said deep processing solution, generally choose sandpaper sanding and polishing, add filling and paint solution, in order to achieve a uniform and smooth appearance or the need for a special practical effect.

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