Home Smart Gateway in the Internet of Things

Home Smart Gateway in the Internet of Things

In contemporary manufacturing enterprises, the automation technology of production line generally selects PLC as the key connection point of manipulation and communication network, the most common is the computer interface protocol; meanwhile in the company's management operation system software generally uses electronic computer as the key connection point of communication network, led by TCP/IP protocol, how to establish the data communication between different software systems, connect the data channel between different How to establish data communication between different software systems, connect cat 16 speed the data channels between different communication protocols, carry out analysis, storage and sharing of data, such as the rapid issuance of manufacturing signs and the rapid publication of manufacturing conditions, and thus improve the productivity of business management, is the objective provision of the technical occurrence and progress of the data gateway.

The efficacy of data gateway is to link different communication systems and complete data interconnection, so the first one should carry out physics connection to different system software, and then carry out cell phone software connection according to the communication protocol of different operating systems based on the basic of physics connection, using the port that the protocol can, and complete data sharing according to the whole process of data acceptance, acquisition and pushing.

Data gateway must have 2 factors: jack and data solution. The progress of contemporary Internet technology provides a wide variety of socket selection and powerful computing level just so gives the standard, an electronic computer with corresponding socket and assembled with corresponding data image processing software is a data gateway.

The most classic symbol of the current completion method is the industrial control system electronic computer (commonly known as industrial control computer), the manufacturer will be a variety of jack to carry out the control module (card) design program, it will be fused with the common computer motherboard control module, it maintains the purpose of the general-purpose electronic computer connected to a special communication system, the customer purchase according to the need to select the jack control module (card) and to achieve the solution function The general-purpose computer motherboard can easily and quickly build out the hardware system of the data gateway, on this basis and then develop and design common data image processing software, you can complete a strong data analysis, storage, sharing and other functions.

The functional module of the data gateway is to carry out the flip-flop transformation of information between different communication protocols, but how to achieve a solution for the data in this link, or how to use such data, determines the use of the data gateway. According to the different methods of data processing, data gateways can be divided into two types of general data gateways and special data gateways.

General data gateway

This type of data gateway is dominated by the role of data transmission, and only simple solutions are realized for the transmitted data, such as effectiveness consideration, storage, and re-establishment. The most classic use is the actual operation of the upper computer software system software in the automatic control system, the system according to the industrial Ethernet, computer interface or other methods connected to the automatic control system, the data collected according to the Ethernet interface (generally TCP/IP protocol) forwarded to the operator upper computer software, in the adjustment interface to show the corresponding situation, and at the same time the upper computer software sent to the use of commands sent by the upper computer software to the control board such as the PLC on the spot, completing the data connection between the communication system of the machine and equipment on the spot and the communication system of the actual human operation. It is impossible to find a detailed data gateway in this typicality, but in fact it is the actual operation of the upper computer software that integrates the role of data conversion and acts as a data gateway. In addition, the professional intelligent management system such as ERP, MES, ASP, etc., which is gradually and widely used in the 21st century, and the automatic control system of the automatic production line complete the information connection, which has to complete a lot of data institutions, storage, sharing, etc., it is more and more necessary to apply the data gateway as the primary information highway bridge and transfer station.

Dedicated data gateway

Compared with the general-purpose type, this type not only has the basic elements of data gateway such as data storage and sharing, but the larger characteristic is that other high-end functions are also well integrated, forming a professional equipment according to the technicality of data gateway.

New information technology such as forest technology and Internet of things technology occur mostly according to the development trend of the Internet, and the characteristics of the data gateway that connects different communication networks just give a support point for this new technology to be applied to the traditional manufacturing industry.

According to the data gateway, the production and manufacturing data is sent to the company's product development, quality core, and even technical professional data analysis core, using the "decision-making layer" strong computing speed and information network resources to carry out multi-directional, multi-faceted analysis of manufacturing data, so as to obtain more efficient processing process parameters specific guidance, and thus improve product quality and improve the production process. In turn, we can improve product quality and production processes. In the premise of only a small investment in hardware configuration, it has the ability to get a large amount of data analysis and calculation of technical expertise, which completes the low cost and economic efficiency of both.

According to the data gateway, the production and manufacturing data will be instantly forwarded to the mobile Internet terminal device of the company leader, so that it can make production and manufacturing countermeasures at will according to the transformation of the market, and complete the maximum benefit; the production and manufacturing data will be instantly forwarded to the mobile Internet terminal device of the off-site sales supervisor, so that it can track the status of order information and feedback to customers in a timely manner, and new customer satisfaction can be transmitted to the Production line, immediately enhance the order information program, to achieve the actual effect of reducing product costs and delivery time.

According to the data gateway, the production assembly line situation and raw materials, auxiliary materials, manufactured goods and other freight logistics information integration, the overall analysis of each step, clear the best production scheduling plan program, complete the efficient use of natural resources, complete the overall goal of timely production and manufacturing, reduce intermediaries, control costs, and save transportation costs.

Home Smart Gateway for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the integrated use of intelligent cognition, wireless communication technology with pervasive computing and ubiquitous network, which is called the third wave of global information industry development after electronic computers and Internet technology. The specific goal of the Internet of Things is to make new sensor devices with rfid technology, infrared sensor technology or other perception capabilities seamlessly integrated into the Internet technology to complete the information exchange between each other and further intelligent identification, supervision and management methods.

In the information cognition industry of the Internet of things, because of the uniqueness of the application field of wireless network sensor Internet technology, which is generally used in some areas, the network and the middle of the network itself can not communicate, and is not suitable for the completion of remote control of data transmission, which prompted the sensor machine and equipment connection point has produced a desert island of information, can not complete the true sense of all-round data sharing, collaborative cognition. In addition, the IoT uses a wide variety of cognitive technology, the choice of different communication protocols, there is no way to complete data sharing.

IoT gateway ip, as a new proper noun, may play a very key role in the future IoT period, it will become a bridge between wireless network sensor Internet and traditional communication network, wireless network sensor Internet, traditional communication network and other different kinds of Internet protocol transformation, to complete the local area network and multi-source data interconnection. In addition to the IoT gateway ip must also have equipment maintenance role, the operator according to the IoT gateway equipment can manage the method of the lowest level of each cognitive connection point, grasp the relevant information of each node, and complete remote operation.

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