The role of wireless communication modules in the IoT industry chain cannot be underestimated

The role of wireless communication modules in the IoT industry chain cannot be underestimated

In the process of iot applications, almost every iot device needs to support at least one wireless communication protocol to connect to other devices, networks and clouds.

With such tremendous market demand and growth potential, wireless modules companies many people are asking what is a "wireless communication module"? What role do communication modules play in the IoT industry chain?

Wireless communication modules are irreplaceable

The main function of a wireless communication module is to send or receive electromagnetic signals and convert them into information that we can understand.

Through this principle, objects can be connected to each other, so that various IoT terminal devices can realize information transmission capability, and various smart devices have IoT information interface.

Wireless data communication system module is the key technical link connecting the sensing layer and network layer of the Internet of Things, belongs to the bottom hardware link, is an irreplaceable function in the chain of the Internet of Things industry, is the carrier of the Internet of Things smartphone terminal.

Classification of wireless communication module

According to its network and positioning function, wireless communication module can be divided into communication module and positioning module. Positioning module is mainly based on satellite positioning module.

Communication modules can be classified into cellular and non-cellular according to their different communication technologies. Cellular communication modules are further divided into 2, 3, 4, 5G, NB-IOT and e-MTC, and non-cellular communication modules are further divided into Bluetooth, WIFI, ZigBee, LoRa and sigox.

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