Eat more of these 4 kinds of seafood, they are tender and plump


The first seafood: prawns

As the saying goes, "Relying on the mountains to eat Seafood direct delivery(海鮮直送) the mountains, relying on the water to draft the water", the biggest advantage of living by the sea is that we can eat delicious seafood by ourselves. Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and the prawns on the seafood market are quite hot and lively. Prawns especially need to be favored by the affected people, and the price also changes day by day, so you must buy it as soon as possible. Before the holiday, people like to buy some prawns to preserve and develop. When they come to serve guests, steam them on a plate. Not only is it not delicious, but also because they feel that life has suddenly improved. The nutritional value of prawns is very high, especially through the extremely high protein content, which is several to several tens of times that of fish, eggs, and milk, but the fat cell content is extremely low, whether it is steamed, boiled, fried, or fried. They are all delicious!

The method of preservation and management of prawns: buy prawns and clean them without removing the shrimp thread, shrimp gun and shrimp whiskers. They can be directly put into a mineral water bottle. Remember that we should not fill it too much, but keep more. Some have no gaps, and keep the freshness of the prawns as much as possible; pour the purified water into the bottle, fill all kinds of bottles, tighten the caps, and put them at the temperature of the freezer.

The practice of prawns: stewed prawns, boiled prawns, etc.

The second seafood: swimming crab

As the saying goes, "Autumn breeze makes crab's feet itchy", the golden autumn is refreshing, the sweet osmanthus fragrance; "August Festival, eating crabs" is also a folk custom. Around the Mid-Autumn Festival is the time when the swimming crab is plump. At this time, the swimming crab is not only fat and fleshy, but also special nutrition. It is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and other trace elements, and the nutritional value of crab yellow is higher, which is good for appetizing. Lung, nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation all have very good effects.

The authentic method of swimming crab: steamed swimming crab.

The third type of seafood: Spanish mackerel

As soon as the fishing moratorium is over, this fresh mackerel is full of markets. As the saying goes, "Mountain partridge deer, sea mackerel", this mackerel is also called "blue-spot mackerel" and is called "the most nutritious ten." One of the kinds of marine fish", rich in protein, vitamin A, minerals and other nutrients. The elderly often eat Spanish mackerel to help supplement calcium and strengthen bones, while children often eat Spanish mackerel to improve their eyesight and protect their eyesight. In addition, the bonefish has less bones and more meat. The Mid-Autumn Festival family banquet is delicious and fragrant.

The authentic traditional method of Spanish mackerel: smoked Spanish mackerel and sauce-flavored mackerel, etc.

The fourth seafood: Pippi shrimp

Speaking of Pippi Shrimp, many young friends will unconsciously hum the sentence: "Once we leave, we can find our good friends together...". In fact, Pippi shrimp is also called shrimp rake, mantis shrimp, crawling shrimp, etc. It is a kind of important nutrition knowledge, juicy and delicious group seafood, and its protein content reaches 20%. Fat is 0.7%, and contains a variety of vitamins, inosinic acid, alanine and other nutrients needed by the human body. Pippi Shrimp is warm in nature and sweet in taste. After such a summer’s nourishment, each body is fat and delicious, and it supplements phosphorus and calcium. It can enhance self-immunity, strengthen and develop the body. It is a health care for postpartum weakness and post-illness. Functional foods are the time for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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