【Italy Travel】 Sicily Attractions Recommended World Heritage Greek Temple, Highest Active Volcano

Legend has it that Sicily in southern Italy is an extremely beautiful island. Not only does it have a long coastline, azure blue sea and vast border soil, it is also a paradise on earth. Some people describe that if they have not been to Sicily, it is as if they have not been to Italy. Sicily is a beautiful legend in Italy. Next, let KKday explain to you the recommended must-see attractions and must-eat food in Sicily!

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Sicily Tourism Introduction

Sicily is located in southern Italy and is an Italian autonomous region with a population of more than 5 million. Due to its unique terrain and rich natural ecology, Sicily attracts many tourists who are interested in leisure and relaxation to travel to Sicily. It is a Mediterranean island formed by a volcano and the largest island in the Mediterranean region, known as a pearl in the center of the Mediterranean. Sicily is also the largest province in Italy, with a long cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery.

Since the release of "The Beautiful Legend of Sicily" in 2000, the movie has been loved by fans everywhere, and the number of people traveling to Sicily has increased dramatically.

The Valley of the Temple sounds like a scene appearing in ancient Greek mythology. It is located south of Agrigento, Sicily, and it is really the most complete group of temples since ancient Greece. The Valley of the Temple was included in the "World Heritage List" by UNESCO in 1997 under the name "Agrigento Archaeological Zone". For a trip to Sicily, remember to watch and witness the historical relics.

Every July and August, the Taormina Art Festival is still staged here. The ancients have not heard of this month, but today they are on the stage of the ancients, sitting in the Greek theater to watch the performance, and the song of the Buddha still has a thousand years ago. Taormina has more than history, but also a pleasant climate and beautiful sandy beaches. Bella Island, known as the "Pearl of the Ionian Sea", accidentally twisted the coastline into a heart shape. At low tide, I walked across the shoal to Bella Island.

The Mazzaro beach connecting Bella Island is a good place for locals to relax. The azure blue water and warm sunshine attract tourists from all over Europe.

Ancient theatre of Taormina

Taormina Greek Theater is located in Taormina on the east coast of Sicily. It is one of the largest ancient theaters on the island. Its semi-circular design reflects the Greek style, reflecting that a smaller Greek-style theater may have been built at that time, and then a more extensive new theater was rebuilt by the Romans in the second century.

The Turkish Steps on the coast of Realmonte in southern Sicily is a peculiar white rock cliff. Named for having been inhabited and gathered by Turkish pirates, tourists can try to climb the stone cliffs, and they will have different sceneries and emotions.

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is located in the northwest of Sicily. Palermo ’s monuments are characterized by the coexistence of Norman, Byzantine, and Islamic style buildings. Some buildings also have a strong Arabic color, and Dante is called "the most beautiful Muslim city in the world."

The old city is a typical cross layout, the center of the cross is the Four Songs Square. The square is surrounded by four semi-arc Baroque buildings, each with three sculptures, which is a must-visit place for every visitor. But it doesn't need to stay too long, it's just an intersection, just glance at it exaggeratedly when passing by.

Palermo Cathedral mixes almost all the architectural styles you know. It's like Palermo's key. If you understand it, you will understand Palermo's vicissitudes. Palermo is a city that needs to be measured with two feet. Here almost all the Sicilian Arab-Norman style buildings are concentrated, and seven of them are rated as World Cultural Heritage.

The Royal Mountain Cathedral is located 10 kilometers south of Palermo in western Sicily and is the largest Norman-style building in the world. The interior decoration and design ideas of the church were full of boldness at the time, and they were the must-see attractions of Sicily for art lovers.

Mount Etna, located between Messina and Catania on the east coast of Sicily, is the highest active volcano in Europe. Travelers can take the cable car up the mountain from the south side of the volcano to enjoy the scenery along the way. Since Mount Etna is still an active volcano, you must pay attention to the situation of the volcano on the day of sightseeing!

The location of "Paradise Cinema" is in Cefalu. The movie not only makes people remember the line "If you don't go out and walk, you will think that this is the world", it also makes Cefalù's scenery deeply in people's minds.

Cefalù means "head" in ancient Greek, perhaps because it is located on the north coast of Sicily, backed by the huge rock mountain La Rocca, like a head. Here, you can admire dazzling Byzantine mosaics and magnificent beach sunsets.

You can also visit the magnificent and magnificent world cultural heritage-Cefalù Cathedral, and you can also enjoy the portrait of "Christ All Powerful" (Christ All Powerful), which is an important work of Byzantine mosaics, and it is also the most important in Sicily. The oldest and best preserved mosaic. Backed by mountains, crescent-shaped sandy beaches are connected to the Mediterranean Sea.

How many people saw the idea of ​​going to Sicily after reading "The Beautiful Legend of Sicily"? The main location of the film is in Syracuse. The square that Monica Bellucci walks through every day is the Cathedral Square in Ortica Island.

Syracuse is composed of the old town on Ortiga Island and the archaeological park on the mainland. The ears of Dionysia and the ruins of the ancient Greek theater in the archaeological park are spectacles in the history of architecture. The ancient Roman theater in Syracuse is the largest ancient theater in Sicily, but it was a pity that it was ruined by the prodigal Spanish.